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Posted on February 25, 2016 | By Stefanie Garavaglia

As the days keep passing and more work is being done to creating the Detroit Eats Corktown food tour, we are getting more and more excited for the soon to be determined launch date. This food tour is going to be unlike any other tour in the city of Detroit. It is going to combine both delicious food and the rich culture of the city. Tour goers will leave the tour feeling accomplished and most importantly full from the amazing culinary offerings of Detroit.

Most ask where my idea to start Detroit Eats stemmed from. Well, it all started a year ago from watching the ultimate foodie show on Tastemade called, “Day of Gluttony.” The two men on the show go to 24 restaurants in food centric cities in one day. I thought this concept was amazing and sounded like so much fun, so I made it my mission to form my own food tours for myself, friends, and family in food centric cities/neighborhoods in my home state of Michigan and cities that I would be traveling to such as New Orleans.

I put together tours in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Corktown, and New Orleans. All of those “food tours” were amazing, but tiring, too filling, and lasted all day. I knew there was some refining that needed to be done to my tours so I headed to the world wide web and did some research. I had never heard of food tours before, so much to my surprise when I searched the web I found hundreds of different food tours around the world . I also found a company called Food Tour Pros. They offer workshops for people who want to start their own food tour business. I immediately signed up.

Fast forward to March 2016 and I was sitting in one of those Food Tour Pros 2-day workshops in one of my favorite cities, Chicago learning an abundance of rich information on how to start my own food tour business from the best in the business: Shane Kost from Chicago Food Planet. The workshop was unbelievably beneficial and so much fun. One of the best things about the workshop was getting to meet other entrepreneurs who are planning on starting their own food tours in their cities.

During the workshop we got to go one on of Chicago Food Planet’s Bucktown & Wicker Park tours. While on the tour I got to see first hand what a successful food tour looks like. It was one of the best experiences I had on this trip. I got to eat food that I might have not eaten on my own, heard about other delicious must-go-to restaurants in the area, and to make the tour even better, our tour guide talked in detail about the history and culture of the neighborhood. The Food Tour Pros Workshop was an unbelievable experience that left me itching to go home to start my business.

I am so excited to be bringing Detroit Eats Food Tours to Detroit. I cannot wait to share with all of you the phenomenal cuisine that Detroit has to offer and the rich history in the city’s neighborhoods.

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